We’ve helped over 600 families in New York move on from a home in foreclosure without having to pay their bank and getting their judgments and/or liens dismissed by using their short sale option.

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    How We Can Help You

    Preforeclosure sales often involve more than just selling a house.

    Prevent Foreclosure & Eliminate Debt

    Get permanent relief from your underwater mortgage. This proactive option is best. A short sale has far less impact on your credit and you are eligible to buy another home in as little as 2 years.

    Get up to $10,000 at closing

    Over 90% of our Clients receive up to $10,000 at closing, even when their mortgage is negative in equity. Additionally, we offer relocation assistance and credit repair to you as your closing approaches.

    Settle Judgments and Release Liens

    As part of the short sale and title clearing process, we clear and help settle any judgments and/or liens that will prevent the sale of the house. These services are free and will help you rebuild your financial position.

    Avoiding Foreclosure is 100% of our business.

    As a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage and expert short sale negotiators we are able to sell your home and negotiate the best terms with your lenders so you can start the next chapter. There are many complexities to this process and you shouldn't hire just any Real Estate Agent. Hire specialists who will get the job done.

    We have experience with every servicer still in business and we know the personalities, pitfalls, and methods of each one. There's no school for this specialty; Experience is what taught us how to exceed expectations .

    All Inclusive Preforeclosure Services

    Axe Residential is eager to assist you in your preforeclosure situation because we know we can help. We're extremely hands on and work closely with you before, during, and after the successful sale of your house. Contact us immediately for a pressure free consultation.
    1. Listing & Bank Docs
    2. Marketing to Buyers
    3. Bank Negotiations & Approval
    4. Clearing Title & Relocation
    5. The Closing & Credit Repair

    To begin the short sale process, we’ll have to list the property for sale and prepare all bank required documentation. Any Broker can take a listing but pricing it for an effective sale and preparing the right paperwork the right way, the first time, will make all the difference during your short sale process.

    After the paperwork is out of the way, we’ll begin our 360 degree marketing plan which includes professional photography, online tours, listing syndication, buyer vetting, and much more. We understand the sensitivity of the nature of the sale so we take proactive steps to maximize your privacy while gaining maximum exposure for the listing itself.

    By this stage, 80% of the required paperwork will already have been submitted. Once a vetted and qualified Buyer is selected and we have a fully executed sales agreement, we will submit it to your bank for review. An appraisal will be done at this time to ensure the offer is on par with the current market value of the house. This is the most essential part of the process and the reason it is so important to list the property as close to market value as possible. When Clients agree to follow our advice and guidelines, we have a 100% close rate.

    Once the lender has approved your short sale, we can begin preparing for the closing. By this stage, we will have already known what issues we’ll have to tackle such as liens, judgments, taxes, utilities, etc. and will already be in the process of negotiating them. We are often able to roll many of these liabilities into the purchase price of the house so that your multiple liabilities are eliminated at once. You’ll also be assigned a relocation specialist that will find you an affordable place to live. We have nationwide access to rentals and guarantors to ensure relocation success.

    The closing table is where you will realize all the benefit of your short sale. On this day, hundreds of thousands of dollars of liability will be erased from your finances. It’s time for a fresh start!

    It’s extremely common that our Clients’ credit has take a pretty huge beating of the past years. As a thank you from us, we hire our favorite credit repair company to get your credit cleaned up. 

    Our goal is for you to be a homeowner again in 2 years! We’ll see you then.

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