About Axe Residential

At Axe Residential, we come to work every day because we want to resolve our Clients’ biggest worries; foreclosure, judgments, liens, bad credit, etc. The list goes on. Throughout the history of home ownership, many people like you have fallen on hard times.

Our mission at Axe Residential is to assist you in improving your situation so you can refocus on building generational wealth. We aim to be the most honest, transparent, and genuine Team of Professionals you’ll ever encounter. We understand there are a lot of choices you could have made, but we’re glad you came to talk to us

Real Estate Broker & Consultant

you can expect alot from us

Full Services Provided

Short Sale Listing & Bank Negotiations

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker and expert short sale negotiators we are able to sell your home and negotiate the best terms with your lenders so you can start the next chapter.

Lien Release & Judgement Settlements

Most home owners in distress are facing more financial burdens other than their mortgage. We can help with that too. If a lien or judgement is attached to the property, we’ll settle it for free.

Credit Repair & Relocation Assistance

As a thank you to our Clients for your trust and confidence, we help you regain your credit worthiness after your short sale.

Still a better deal than foreclosure!

Why Clients Choose Us

“Philip was so helpful when I finally decided to do something with the house I had abandoned and given up on. There was a lot of things that needed to be cleared up and they were taken care of even. Even though I moved to another state, he was able to do everything through and through and would answer a lot of my questions at all kinds of crazy times. So thankful.”


Free Consultation

All inquiries are kept confidential.

If you are looking for an experienced New York Real Estate Broker who you can trust to get you the results you deserve, contact Axe Residential today.

You can e-mail us your questions through our contact form, click to chat with the Principal Broker or call us at 516-960-6456.

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